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Relocation Stories: Mathias Kolehmainen

May 7th, 2008 by admin | Click here and viagra order no prescription tell us how you really feel.

1. Name and what you do for a living?
Mathias Kolehmainen. I do software engineering for a living. I used
to like computers. Now I hate them. But I still like solving
problems using software.

2. How did you end up in Louisville?

My wife Juliet grew up here. When I met her I totally bought into the
dream of moving to louisville and maybe getting a farm or something
like that. And when I say farm, I mean some land in the country with
an airstream on it. Think dwell, not farmers almanac. I always
imagined it as a place to go where we could pursue whatever loud and
space consuming hobbies we happened to be in to.

3. What did you think of Louisville before you moved here (if anything?)

The only thing I knew about louisville was that slint was from here.
I am also a musician and slint– as well as a few other
louisville/louisville-related bands like evergreen, for carnation, and
gastr del sol– have been a big influence on me.

4. What preconceptions did you have about Louisville that have changed
since moving here?

I thought that there really was not going to be a geek/tech scene at
all. I visited several times, and came looking for a job after grad
school, and was really only exposed to the large corporations (human,
yum, GE). Now that I’ve been here a little while I’ve met a bunch of
people (thanks really to the work that matt wynn is doing with forge
louisville) who are doing interesting things with technology. It’s no
san francisco, but it is more than I think anyone would expect.

5. How do you like living here?

I like it. (sorry, I can’t think of how to elaborate on this one.)

6. Has Louisville been a good place to do business?

I took a substantial pay cut to move here. That probably speaks more
about my lack of good business sense than the louisville job scene.
I’m used to doing work on the canadian viagra online fringes of main stream software
development. I do prototyping and implementations of new ideas coming
out of the research community. There is definitely not much of a
market for that here. I don’t have a business. But I subscribe to
Inc magazine.

7. What’s your favorite thing about Louisville?
I like the laid back people. I like imagining that I have a job at
brown-forman, where (I believe) you can have a bourbon at your desk in
the afternoon. Of course that would make me completely useless at my
job, but a man can dream can’t he? Oh yeah, and spring is nice.
Coming from california, seasons in general are nice.

8. What is Louisville missing (for my money it’s a good creperie)?

Diversity. If you want to talk about food, I’d say it lacks
interesting, small restaurants. I also feel like it lacks a variety
of good foreign restaurants (there are some good ones to be sure, just
not many).

What about a modern furniture store? Without that I’m forced to send
all the money I’m saving on my mortgage out of state.

More independent cafe’s would be nice, especially downtown. More bike
lanes. Not that I have a bike. But I want to get one, seriously.
And when I ride it, I want to ride on wide, asphalted, clearly marked
bike lanes.

9. What’s the one thing people should know about Louisville?

Eh… I’m drawing a blank here. Corn Island?

10. What’s your favorite restaurant in Louisville?

Before I moved here I visited a lot over holidays and Derby and we
made repeated visits to Jack Frys. I have a lot of sentiment for that
place. When pressed I admit that it’s the ambiance. The food is
good, but not exceptional. It’s also expensive. I can’t defend my
choice rationally.

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