February 20, 2017

Louisville Makes Top-15 Cities List

February 25th, 2013 by admin | Click here and tell us how you really feel.

We’re in the Business of Winning 
Louisville has been included in a list of the top-15 large cities for entrepreneurs.

Under30Media has put Louisville on the list of Top Large Cities for Young Entrepreneurs . . . right alongside Boston, NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco.

But we need to get out the vote so that we make it into the Top Ten. Why? Because the higher our ranking, the more competitive we are when it comes time to present positive stories and honors about how great Louisville is.

Click Twice for the Win
It’s really easy, just two clicks and you’re done — better yet, you don’t have to enter ANY personal information.


Once you’ve voted, please share this with friends, colleagues, family, business people, and . . . heck, anyone who’ll listen.

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